9 Reasons Coworking is Better Than Traditional Offices

Whether you have worked in one, seen one in your city, or at the very least heard of one, you know what a coworking space is about. Most people think it is traditionally a space for young, hip, entrepreneurs. People with beards and bikes and dogs that resemble them. While that CAN be true, we find that it is also so much more. A lot of folks don’t realize the benefits of switching from a traditional office setting to a coworking community! We are here to help!

In no particular order…

1.   Term Flexibility – Your company is scaling and suddenly outgrowing your space, yet you are stuck in a fixed term lease. You can’t offer the space your team needs to perform their (surely) amazing work! Worry not, coworking spaces offer low or no commitment at all! You can get a desk for a day, a week, a month, a year; the flexibility allows you to scale your office size as you scale your business. Some coworking spaces ask for just 60 days’ notice, others are just fine with the end of the month! Just ask, so you aren’t stuck in a term you can’t get out of!


2.   Space Flexibility – Much like term flexibility, traditional offices don’t typically have more than one place you can hunker down and work. With coworking spaces, they are designed to feature several (comfortable) spots for you to get creative in! From a desk, to the kitchen lounge, to the couch, maybe even a bench or picnic table outside! Allowing coworkers the freedom to choose where they work, makes for a much happier and productive team! Popular trends include adjustable sit and stand desks, discouraging sitting for a long period of time, as well as in office swings or hammocks!


3.   Networking and Events – There is always something going on in the coworking community! One of the main ideas behind coworking is the networking that comes out of it. With daily/weekly/monthly meetups, seminars and networking events, members of the community have ample opportunity to meet other professionals or entrepreneurs and gain invaluable knowledge and experience, in addition to the contacts you make. Who knows, you may even meet a friend! Traditional offices just can’t compete with the social aspect, they are in their own bubble.


4.   Makes You Active – It is literally dangerous for you to sit for an extended period. Because science. In a coworking space, you’ll be happy to get up and socialize or use one of the extra fun amenities; ping pong tables, arcade games, sometimes even a gym are just a few of the cool things we’ve seen out there. As mentioned earlier, adjustable sit and stand desks are a great way to get people off their bottoms and onto their feet!


5.   Extra Amenities – You just heard a few! I don’t know many classic offices that have a ping pong table, or arcade basketball, or free beer and snacks, or a swing in the middle of the office! There are countless things that coworking communities are adding for their members, keeping the growing workforce happy, yet productive. Even having on site daycare, bike sharing, or a simple breakfast bar can go a long way in pleasing your team.


6.   Reduces Your Overhead – If this list WAS ranked, this would be numero uno. The biggest difference between a coworking space and a traditional office is the price. Shouldn’t this be the most important thing? The key here is called ‘sharing’. It’s as simple as that. Running your own office, you must pay for; furniture, supplies, coffee/snacks (beer if you want to be cool), printer, printing supplies, utilities (gas, electricity, water, sewage), high-speed internet, reception services, cleaning, and last but certainly not the least, rent. In a coworking space, you are paying a fraction of those things because you are SHARING the costs with the other members. That boardroom that you pay for that gets used once a week, is now a shared boardroom, that you ONLY pay for when you need it! What a concept!


7.   Help is Down the Hallway – A huge advantage in coworking is the wide array of professions of which you surround yourself. Look to your left and you may see a graphic designer, look to your right you may see a lawyer, look to your OTHER left and you could see social media guru! These folks WANT to help your business, and they are all in the same building! The ease of making connections is ridiculous in coworking spaces. If you have trouble meeting somewhere in a coworking space, there is a chance you are a ghost.


8.   Be Inspired – Watching your coworkers succeed and making their dream business into reality is inspiring! Just hearing people talk about their future strategies can lift the entrepreneurial spirit! Coworking communities have succeeded if a member outgrows the space altogether. They become so successful, the need to expand to their own place becomes apparent. That is inspiring.


9.   Being Part of a Revolution! – You will be on the ground floor of something still not quite mainstream, especially in cities with populations of less than 250,000. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese! You can be both the bird and the mouse (the second one…) if you join this revolution. Early adopters seem to be getting the best rates, as coworking is becoming more popular. More demand means less space to go around! Until more coworking communities are developed, you may be placed on a wait list for an office or desk. So DON’T WAIT! Inquire into your cities coworking spaces! Does your city not have one? What are you waiting for?! Make it happen!